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We work with forward thinking companies who believe their data is their greatest asset and want to leverage that asset to the fullest.

Advanced Analytics

Our platform allows for quick and powerful machine and deep learning analysis on large datasets


Insightful, accurate predictions help your business make better decisions


Our suite of pre-tuned models and proprietary data sets allow for better accuracy and faster training times

 Why Dafinci

Why Dafinci

Our technology and strong IP is built by a top-class team of experts with backgrounds in AI, data modeling, and machine learning.
Through our know-how, experience, and products in AI and deep learning, we leverage your company’s data to help you make optimal business decisions.

Our Founders

Jim and Jack both studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Afterwards, Jim went to Wall Street and built quantitative models for banks and hedge funds. Jack went to Stanford for a masters and then worked in the fields of ad-tech, analytics, and mobile security. Jim and Jack understand the power of data driven decisions and founded Dafinci with the mission of utilizing machine learning models to help companies of all sizes make the most of their data.
Jim Bai
Jim Bai
Co-Founder and Lead Data Scientist
Jack Wu
Jack Wu
Co-Founder and CTO

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